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In my lifetime, there has never been a situation like we find ourselves in right now – where educators are separated from children and families because of a global pandemic. Neither educators or parents were prepared for the stresses and unknowns of how this would affect schools, families, and our children.

This mini e-course is for educators and parents of children in childcare, early learning and kindergarten programs who are supporting children’s learning at home. It offers a reflective look at how educators and parents can engage children in learning that motivates and inspires children and adults alike.

3Rs for Children’s Learning in a COVID-19 World are Reflect, Reassess, and Reimagine. This mini-course was inspired by the words of Deb Curtis and Lorrie Baird who, in Deb Curtis’s book Really Seeing Children, urge educators to see how the actions of our hands tell children how we see them. In this mini-e-course we explore how we can celebrate the ways we are able to touch children’s lives even in the midst of a global pandemic.

This course includes:

  • 35 minutes of video lectures
  • Links to two musical videos
  • Ideas for practical home learning experiences shared by educators
  • Ideas for practical home leaning experiences shared by parents
  • Inspirations for home learning from the Reggio Approach in Italy
  • Additional resources


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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Posted 2 months ago
how to reflect child's learning in covid 19?

Its excellent overall.

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Wei Wang
Posted 10 months ago
Care about what we care

Just like Susan said, “as the pandemic, societal, and learning landscape changes, we can regain our balance by setting our sights on what we care about deeply – our children”. As early childhood educators, we should always care about meeting children’s goals and motivate their learning and development. From this grounded place, educators can reflect, reassess and reimagine in an ongoing circle.

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carolyn millen
Posted 11 months ago
Many thanks

You've inspired me to be a better educator and to continue working towards the common goal of coming alongside children as co-learners! To actively seek training and to embrace the resources that are available around me!

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Reyjanne Marshall
Posted 12 months ago
A great course!

I took so many notes and this course gave me many ideas. Thank you!

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Sharon Evenden
Posted 12 months ago

I enjoyed this course. It is a great reminder that we don't need a classroom to teach. There is inspiration and knowledge all around you just need to stop and look. And communicate.

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Elizabeth Hicks
Posted 12 months ago
Never disappoints!

Susan has such a lovely delivery - calm, gentle, and informative. I love how she references others, giving kudos where they are due, as well as offering wonderful open ended questions to reflect on. Thank you!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!