Print Knowledge Chapter 1

In your imagined car, visualize yourself pulling into a parking spot on Literacy Mountain. You get out, stretch, and look around for the scenic view of Print Knowledge Valley your tourist map promises.

At the end of a 5 minute hike on this footpath you arrive at your destination. The view is stunning, and you see a sign posted that says: “Welcome to Print Knowledge Valley.”

Just how is it, though, that you have been able to follow road signs, other signage, and maybe even a map to arrive at the place you intended to visit?

How and when did your awareness and knowledge of print actually start?

Let’s begin at the beginning…. before your ABCs.

Add button that takes participant to the Print Knowledge Part 1.

Then go to quiz….

After quiz, follow with Print Knowledge Part 2


(add in media clip of Print Knowledge Part PowerPoint)


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