From the Mountain Top

We are about to take an imagined journey in our ‘Not a Box’ car.

Though we started thinking about literacy through our own experiences and perspectives, we aren’t the only ones analyzing and defining literacy. We hare joined by legions of social scientists, linguists and reading experts who have created a mountain of research about literacy. We won’t stay on this mountain peak of research long (we don’t want to experience oxygen depletion and pass out) but let’s take enough time to take in the breath-taking view.

Though some children are born with unique challenges to learning how to read or write in expected ways (for example, children with visual impairments), literacy is not determined by chromosomes like eye or hair colour. We are wired from birth to develop language skills. Literacy, however, is acquired.

Knowing that literacy is an acquired and learned skill, researchers have tried to tease out the components of literacy learning that children need to become readers and writers.

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Let’s take a road trip to Literacy Mountain! 

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