For many of us, the term ‘fluency’ brings to mind speaking in more than one language – the ability to express oneself easily and articulately. “She is fluent in three languages!”

The research about fluency as it relates to children’s literacy learning, however, focuses on children’s ease of reading.

Fluency linked to print, of course, is never fully developed. Throughout our lifetimes we will have experiences in which fluency eludes us.  We pick up a manual or book with specialized vocabulary that is unfamiliar. We take a trip to a country in which print is displayed in a language foreign to us. I recently took an introductory computer programming language course…. I do not have much hope that I will ever be fluent in JAVA!

Yet, there is compelling research that fluency is an emergent literacy skill worth our attention.

Let’s explore fluency from a researcher’s view of young children.

(link to PowerPOint on Fluency)


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