Treasured Tips

Treasured Tips:

Give plenty of time and space to simply observe:

Shifting too soon from the discipline of seeing children with openness and curiousity will narrow our focus and create tunnel thinking within ourselves about what children really need to learn.

Collaborate with others:

Seeing others’ views and hearing others’ perspectives creates deeper, more informed,  creative, and insightful teaching. If you work in a setting in which there is little time for group discussions or planning, consider a-synchronistic ways of sharing what you see and think. Post-it notes beside a photo on the staffroom lunch table with a question ‘What do YOU see in this photo?” may be one way to begin to collaborate.

Ask children what they think:

Invite children who are verbal to talk with you about what they see!

Share what you see and think with parents and ask for their reflections:

Parents can give us valuable insights – before and after we move to the third stage of this protocol – wonder.


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