Thinking about Literacies at Play (1)

Now that you have explored Seeing to Thinking slides:

Did what you think change from the first photo to the last?


If you are a hunter, a naturalist or, like me, have wild turkeys frequently strut out of the woods and onto your yard, you may have immediately thought those sticks bore a striking resemblance to bird bones. Details from each picture, however, capture different bits of information and lead us to think in specific ways. From each singular perspective we can easily conclude different understandings or ideas.

Let’s begin applying this same See Think protocol to children’s engagements.

Look carefully at each of the following images.

  1. Jot down what you see.
  2. Afterwards, review your observations and jot down what you think.
  3. Do you see or think that literacy in infused into this child’s engagement? What are you seeing and thinking that makes you believe that?

The collage below has been contributed by many children of varying ages and experiences.

What do these drawings show about children’s thinking regarding:

  • Angles and how dancers appear from front, back or side?
  • Expression of movement?
  • Languages of emotion?
  • Representing real-life experiences/stories through symbols?


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