Inside the Treasure Box

In our first module we saw literacy from a variety of perspectives. In this module we move into the second stage of the inquiry protocol ‘See. Think. Wonder’ where we think deeply about what we see.

You are about to peer inside our treasure box of literacy perspectives. These perspectives will be familiar to you from our “Not A Box” module. 

But before you open the treasure box lid, re-read your definition of literacy.

Consider your definition of literacy in relation to the literacy perspectives inside this treasure box. Does your definition of literacy include one or more of these perspectives?

What we look for will impact what we find… and what we do:


Pearls of Wisdom

If we see literacy as the ability to communicate through print we will notice children’s engagement with books and text, alphabet letters, graphemes, morphemes, phonemes and more.

The Treasure Map!

If we see literacy communicated through artistic expressions, we will offer opportunities for children to explore how drawing, sculpting, music, dance and more are meaningful to them.

Spying on the digital scene!

If we recognize that literacy is not static – that it changes from one generation to the next; then we critically consider if and how technology and digital literacy are meaningful to children.

“Awk, Polly wants a cracker!”

If we view oral language as foundational to literacy we will tune into children’s vocabulary, listening skills, songs and rhymes, children’s play scripts and narrative skills.


Counting on the Gold!

If we value numeracy, patterns, and mathematical literacy, we will look for ways of infusing counting, sequencing, patterning, geometry, measuring, estimation, probability and more into our environments – indoors and outdoors.

All hands on deck!

If we understand literacy to be learned through relationships and believe family relationships to be powerful and highly significant in a child’s life, then we embrace family literacy and family engagement through our programs.


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